• Sudden rain making Bree a sea of mud? Or really bad loading time? Sadly it was the latter! 72 visits A sea of mud?
  • The infamous stealth mode half-orc bandit! 59 visits Invisible MOBs
  • Lens flares to rival J.J. Abrams! 62 visits Lens flares in the Lone Lands
  • Only saw this once on my old computer/gfx card. I have no idea why Candaith's tent picked up this freaky texture. 405 visits Candaith's Crazy Tent
  • An older shot - I have always been impressed by the night sky in LOTRO. Even the constellations are there. 447 visits , Rating: 4.33 The Sky at Night
  • The Michel Delving auction house but what happened to the floor? :) 414 visits Michel Delving Auction House
  • One of the more amusing bugs over the years. Heralds that float above the action! 396 visits The Floating Heralds
  • Once I purposely walked off the edge of a waterfall. Instead of defeat I discovered a ledge hidden behind the water. Sadly it didn't lead to some hidden underground cave. 407 visits Inside the Waterfall